At Buckingham Fitness, our goal is to unlock the most resilient, pain-free, and healthy version of you.


If you are struggling to lose weight...

If gaining muscle is too hard...

If nagging injuries are holding you back...

If going to the gym is a huge chore...

If only someone could coach you along the way...


That's where Buckingham Fitness comes in!


We've built our training programs with YOU in mind. 


So whether you are a new to the fitness world or you've been in it for years, we are 100% confident that we can help YOU reach your goals.


And if you want to LEVEL UP even faster...


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Buckingham Fitness was founded on 2 principles: to create an affordable alternative to expensive personal training; and to EMPOWER men and women with resilient, pain-free, and healthy bodies.


It is the belief of our company that the body should be trained the way that it naturally moves: 

Through the 6 Foundational Movement Patterns:

Push / Pull / Squat / Hinge / Lunge / Carry


When you're opening a door, you push it open.

When you're starting the lawn mower, you pull the cord back.

When you need to pick your child up off the ground, you squat down to grab them up.

When you sit down on a bench to put on your shoes, you hinge back to sit down.

When you reach to grab something before it falls, you lunge to catch it.

When you're bringing in the groceries, you carry them into your home.


These are just some of the examples in which the body naturally moves through the 6 Foundational Movement Patterns on a day-to-day basis.


By training these movement patterns thoroughly, you will notice a stronger core, better posture, and more freedom with a healthier and more pain-free body


Below: Tyler Buckingham, the Founder and Owner of Buckingham Fitness.

He suffered a career ending injury that resulted in over 40lbs of weight gain and 1.2 years of inactivity because of it, and now, thanks to his training system and research, he is living a RESILIENT, HEALTHY, & PAIN-FREE life.



"There are many obstacles in your way. Don't let yourself become one."



"Instead of looking up at the mountain and seeing how far you have to go .... turn around .... and see how far you have come."



Whether we work together for 12 weeks or a year, we hope that you can leave more knowledgeable than you started and feeling excited for the future!

All the best,

Buckingham Fitness