"I had worked out on my own for years, but it wasn’t until I started training with Tyler that I learned the intricacies of weight-lifting and just how much I was capable of..... I couldn’t ask for better results or a better trainer to help me achieve them.  It takes time, it takes hard work, and it takes someone like Tyler." 

- Michael Anthony Bagozzi // Client since March of 2018





"Tyler was my trainer for over a year and during that time my personal goals were always the target of our sessions. Tyler came prepared with a pre-planned workout, was respectful of my age (78) but cut me NO slack! I wanted to remain flexible, add strength and work on balance. A side benefit, I dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 15 pounds! I respect Tyler for his skill, love of sports and dedication to the things that really matter in life. If you are looking for a personal trainer…you cannot do better than Tyler Buckingham!!"

 - Corky Pagoria // Client since March 2018


"There was a time when I never would have considered a personal trainer, preferring instead to do the workouts on my own. But today I can honestly say that I would never be able to achieve my goals without Tyler. His encouragement, his expertise, and his undying determination to see me reach the physique I have always wanted are what motivates me to continue my journey. If he can believe in me, so can I. "

- Kendra Hibbard // Client since April 2018


"I had been working out on my own but I was not getting the results I wanted.

Since Tyler and I have been working together I have lost weight, I have gotten stronger and my balance, stamina, and flexibility have improved significantly. The results have been great and I feel better than I have in a very long time.

Last December I experienced terrible back pain. I have never known such pain. The Doctor told me I have stenosis and prescribed physical therapy. I continued working with Tyler and we did lots of stretching and exercises to strengthen my back.

I am pain free and I owe it all to Tyler. We were totally in sync and he knew exactly what to do with everything that came up. He has my complete confidence.

 - Andy Goldstein // Client since March 2018